Who We Are?




To promote culture and support creative talent
To freely share knowledge
To nurture creative talent, and encourage social responsibility


Edge is a platform which serves as a springboard for creative talent to reach out to a global audience.

Since its inauguration on 24th March 2016, our foundation has organized several programs to support artists and promote their work. Over time, Edge hopes to shape society for the better by integrating art and culture into people’s sensibilities. Collaborating hand-in-hand with education and other sustainable development goals, Edge ensures that creativity and intellect flourish in the minds of the next generation, fostering a brighter future for all.


Edge Gallery is a premier space showcasing the finest artwork collections in the region. Our events range from exhibitions curated by Edge to those hosted by third parties who rent our space. Beyond gallery activities, The Foundation implements various impactful projects, including education initiatives, women empowerment programs, climate change action, sustainable environment efforts, workshops, development projects, lifestyle events, publications, and more.


Edge Education

Edge Education is committed to promoting equity in education by offering educational scholarships, academic donation management services and conducting research on increasing access to quality education through the use of technology in classrooms.

We match donors with students and Edge oversees their academic development through independent assessments and supports personal development by engaging the students in activities such as book club and excursions to events.

Edge is also currently conducting research on how to effectively implement the use of available education technologies that will allow students a more holistic education, foster a love for learning and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills that will enable them to compete in our globalised world. 

With our mission to create a better world, the Foundation aims to make a difference over time through EdgeEd and have a positive social impact, at present and for future generations.

Our Objectives