The Courtyard brings you a rare leisure space amidst the daily hustle and bustle. Embracing our love for food and art: The Courtyard has two elements of equal significance running simultaneously: an art gallery and a multi-concept restaurant.

With an aim to provide the local youth of the area a place to be where they can discover culture and the arts, The Courtyard is an ideal place for Individuals and groups of people visiting to feel relaxed and carefree surrounded by endless glass-windows.

This secluded lounge-inspired space would also serve as an ideal location to display precious works of art during exhibitions.

The space has been created with the utmost attention to detail – but with a purpose. Imagine walking through a garden, with works of art hanging amidst greenery and flowers. This coalescence of spaces and of purposes would teleport guests into a distant wonderland that is available in no other space in the capital.

Come join us and chill out with your friends and family in Dhanmondi’s newest destination!